Vacation for the Head and Heart

My Own Milky Way:  Key West BeachIt’s officially autumn. The summer of 2014 is behind us, and we have a good 38 weeks before those warm, lazy days come around again. I usually accept this seasonal shift wholeheartedly, with an onward and upward attitude! But this year, that doesn’t seem to be the case. Instead, I find myself experiencing some sort of inner tug or rebellion. Visions of being somewhere peaceful, stress free and away from it all flood my brain. Continue reading

The Height of the Matter

If I were a teenager today, I would certainly have a better body image than the one I had back in the day. Our body image, how we see ourselves — be it in the mirror or our mind’s eye — is directly connected to our feelings and/or perceptions about our looks, height, weight and shape. I was 5’ 9” when I entered high school and 6’ when I left, and in those days, tall was neither fashionable nor exotic. In fact, quite the opposite. I was long-legged, skinny, freckled and flat chested, and regularly teased with monikers, like giraffe, giant and beanstalk. Continue reading

Learning to Swim with Sharks

My Own Milky Way: Lasker Pool

A quiet pool before the lap swimmers arrive.

Lap swimming has become one of my favorite summer activities. I return to it every year at the end of June when the pool opens for the summer. However, to be honest, I think my attraction is largely influenced by the Olympic-size, outdoor pool in Central Park, near my apartment. There is something extraordinary about swimming in an area surrounded by trees in the middle of New York City. Continue reading