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Held Hostage on an MTA Bus

Maxine illustration

One Senior Citizen That Won’t Be Messed With

In our increasingly youth-centered culture, those who are fifty-years-old and older often hide or play down their age, all while worrying about their waning status in society. A member of that group myself, I certainly feel this divide. Recently, however, I was reminded of the power the elderly can exude. Before venturing into this story, I just want to clarify that it contains no violence and that it is based on the unexpected hutzpah of a quintessential New York character. Continue reading

The Height of the Matter

If I were a teenager today, I would certainly have a better body image than the one I had back in the day. Our body image, how we see ourselves — be it in the mirror or our mind’s eye — is directly connected to our feelings and/or perceptions about our looks, height, weight and shape. I was 5’ 9” when I entered high school and 6’ when I left, and in those days, tall was neither fashionable nor exotic. In fact, quite the opposite. I was long-legged, skinny, freckled and flat chested, and regularly teased with monikers, like giraffe, giant and beanstalk. Continue reading