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Do You Need a Hug?

Harry hugging our cat TwylaA warm and fuzzy light bulb went off for me last week. It happened one evening when I returned home a little later than usual. My cat Twyla greeted me at the door wanting a belly rub, and then my son came over to give me a hug. Naturally, both were welcome exchanges after a long day. As I was basking in the tenderness of this “home sweet home” moment, Continue reading

Learning to Swim with Sharks

My Own Milky Way: Lasker Pool

A quiet pool before the lap swimmers arrive.

Lap swimming has become one of my favorite summer activities. I return to it every year at the end of June when the pool opens for the summer. However, to be honest, I think my attraction is largely influenced by the Olympic-size, outdoor pool in Central Park, near my apartment. There is something extraordinary about swimming in an area surrounded by trees in the middle of New York City. Continue reading